Sunday, 30 March 2008

Reel Fishing

I've had my eye on Natsume's Reel Fishing game for sometime now. I found it by chance on a sale in my local game store, it was less than half price so I naturally bought it! Now I have the dilemma as to to continue HM or to fish. I have had a quick peek at RF, and I like what I see. True to Natsume's philosophy with their other games; Caring for Nature, respecting other living things and behaving in a responsible manner, RF includes these ideas. So far what I have found is that there are 2 live wells, thus on any one trip you can only keep 2 fish. These fish can also be taken back to the lodge live and put into an aerated or un-aerated tank so that you can watch them. What a splendid way to see your trophy fish, much better than stuffing them and putting them on the wall. There is also a background story to the game, which is charming and is exactly what I would expect from Natsume. Way to Go! Although at first glance the game does not seem to be a graphically good as Rapala Trophies, It is way better overall in the sustainable approach it takes to fishing!

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