Sunday, 30 March 2008

Knotty Boy

I have dreadlocks, some may consider dreadlocks dirty or unkempt, but my dreads are sparkly and clean, mostly thanks to Knotty Boy dread products. They make Dread wax, a combination of bees wax, organic hemp oil and a range of other oils. This is really good at fixing the dreads to prevent them from coming loose, and helping bind the hairs to each other, especially at the base of the dread, where is forms near the scalp. The wax is not really needed on the lower ends of the dreads as it would already have matted well there. My girlfriend loves fixing my dreads and uses a crochet hook and the wax to neaten them up every 2 months or so. Usually when there is at least more than 2cm of new hair growth. This gives her something to work with. Now you may think that dreads are dirty. Knotty Boy also has a range of Dread Shampoo soap bars in a variety of scents. These are good at cleaning dreads but not letting them untangle as would happen if you used regular shampoo with conditioner. The dread shampoo actually gets the dreads to tangle better as well. The only frustrating thing I find with washing my dreads is getting them to dry quickly after washing them. This is mostly a winter problem, but a few hours sitting near the central heating usually gets them mostly dry. To be truly dry needs a day or two in winter whereas in summer outside, they are bone dry in a few hours.
I have included a link to Knotty Boys website. You will find their banner at the very bottom of this page. (unfortunately the only place it fits)

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Sami Rautiainen said...

Mine are not dirty either. I wash with Havu Mäntysuopa - plain soap. Dries up the hair, (very alcalic, pH 9.5 or so) so the more I wash, the more they get dreaded. And a woolen hat takes care of the dreadding.