Thursday, 20 March 2008

Going back to Harvest Moon

I have picked up where I left off in Boy & Girl. Karen is still pregnant and I am plodding through the days till we receive our child. It is reather tedious work, as I have a full shed of chickens and 11 cows and 9 sheep to take care of each day. The hothouse is full of Pineapples which bring in a lot of gold, in the fields I have sweet potatoes now in the Fall. Woollard the sheep just won the sheep contest and so I have 2 sheep with golden fleeces. I hope to soon also try my hand at playing the girl version. When I do so, I am going to follow Freyashawk's example and try to get all the batchelors to red heart before getting married to one of them. I already think that I will want to marry Kai, mostly because he is probably the hardest to court, only being there in the summer. Still I hope that the daunting task of starting afresh will not prove to arduous.

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