Sunday, 30 March 2008

Knotty Boy

I have dreadlocks, some may consider dreadlocks dirty or unkempt, but my dreads are sparkly and clean, mostly thanks to Knotty Boy dread products. They make Dread wax, a combination of bees wax, organic hemp oil and a range of other oils. This is really good at fixing the dreads to prevent them from coming loose, and helping bind the hairs to each other, especially at the base of the dread, where is forms near the scalp. The wax is not really needed on the lower ends of the dreads as it would already have matted well there. My girlfriend loves fixing my dreads and uses a crochet hook and the wax to neaten them up every 2 months or so. Usually when there is at least more than 2cm of new hair growth. This gives her something to work with. Now you may think that dreads are dirty. Knotty Boy also has a range of Dread Shampoo soap bars in a variety of scents. These are good at cleaning dreads but not letting them untangle as would happen if you used regular shampoo with conditioner. The dread shampoo actually gets the dreads to tangle better as well. The only frustrating thing I find with washing my dreads is getting them to dry quickly after washing them. This is mostly a winter problem, but a few hours sitting near the central heating usually gets them mostly dry. To be truly dry needs a day or two in winter whereas in summer outside, they are bone dry in a few hours.
I have included a link to Knotty Boys website. You will find their banner at the very bottom of this page. (unfortunately the only place it fits)

Reel Fishing

I've had my eye on Natsume's Reel Fishing game for sometime now. I found it by chance on a sale in my local game store, it was less than half price so I naturally bought it! Now I have the dilemma as to to continue HM or to fish. I have had a quick peek at RF, and I like what I see. True to Natsume's philosophy with their other games; Caring for Nature, respecting other living things and behaving in a responsible manner, RF includes these ideas. So far what I have found is that there are 2 live wells, thus on any one trip you can only keep 2 fish. These fish can also be taken back to the lodge live and put into an aerated or un-aerated tank so that you can watch them. What a splendid way to see your trophy fish, much better than stuffing them and putting them on the wall. There is also a background story to the game, which is charming and is exactly what I would expect from Natsume. Way to Go! Although at first glance the game does not seem to be a graphically good as Rapala Trophies, It is way better overall in the sustainable approach it takes to fishing!

Monday, 24 March 2008

While away the winter in Harvest Moon

Karen is pregnant and it seems like she has been that way for some time now, The Fall has passed and winter has begun. No Crops to be harvested, except for the occasional bumper cash crop of pineapples in the Hothouse that pumps up my balance of G. However a flock of 10 chickens and a barn filled to bursting with Cows and Sheep are daily tasks that keep me busy in real time, as time stops whilst indoors in Harvest Moon. They are quite a job to take care of, yet I cannot bear to sell them. The products from my animals I now mostly ship as raw and unmade, as there is no real need for me to earn money. I think that I am already a millionaire farmer who has no worry for cash. Whereas I would never previously nave bought food at the inn, now, I'm a regular customer whenever I pass by!

Anyway back to original reason for this post about whiling away the Winter. I want Karen to give birth as quickly as possible and I have resorted to going to bed as early as 6:30 am! (This just to make time pass as quickly as possible so that I can begin playing as a girl). Karen must think I'm nuts, but then again, she's also not too sane, as she pleads with her unborn child to stop tormenting her. I think that the end of the pregnancy is near, and I shall start contemplating what name I shall give the child when its born. I am truly curious as to its gender too!

Friday, 21 March 2008

The Superest

Kevin Cornell and Matthew Sutter have teamed up and play 'My Team Your Team'. The game involves each player, in turn, creating a superhero that defeats the hero before it. I have been watching this site grow from the beginning. Each weekday there is a new hero. Follow the link from the RSS feed on the right.

Thursday, 20 March 2008


Another site that I have been wanting to include in my blog is Kiva. This is a site where you can sponsor real people in the developing world to help them begin their own small businesses.

Please click on the link in this post or from the profile bar on the right.

The Story of Stuff

Well it is nothing too new or fresh, but it certainly is worth a view if you have not watched it. It is all about how our would is being polluted by excess consumerism. Why we keep on buying more stuff, and how damaging all the excessive stuff is to our planet and ourselves. Take a look from the link on the right

Going back to Harvest Moon

I have picked up where I left off in Boy & Girl. Karen is still pregnant and I am plodding through the days till we receive our child. It is reather tedious work, as I have a full shed of chickens and 11 cows and 9 sheep to take care of each day. The hothouse is full of Pineapples which bring in a lot of gold, in the fields I have sweet potatoes now in the Fall. Woollard the sheep just won the sheep contest and so I have 2 sheep with golden fleeces. I hope to soon also try my hand at playing the girl version. When I do so, I am going to follow Freyashawk's example and try to get all the batchelors to red heart before getting married to one of them. I already think that I will want to marry Kai, mostly because he is probably the hardest to court, only being there in the summer. Still I hope that the daunting task of starting afresh will not prove to arduous.

Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Cutting Ties

Oh well Lonkiponk's design only scored a 1.89, but she got a lot of nice comments. I have heard that she is working on a new design, I cannot wait to see it submitted!

Saturday, 8 March 2008

Lonkiponk's Debut on Threadless

Threadless is design and social networking website where Teeshirts and designed and sold in a webstore. It is an online community and I am pleased to announce that Lonkiponk, one of my favourite illustrators/designers, has submitted her first design to be voted on. The design is up for voting for one week only and I think at the time of writing has about 5 days left. She creates the most fantastic designs and her characters are famous in our town. Her submitted Teeshirt design has 2 of her very cute flying men on it! Check it out on the link to the right!