Thursday, 17 April 2008


Lonkiponk is getting real busy. Another sub from her on Threadless. I hope that this one does better!

Monday, 7 April 2008

A New Design from Lonkiponk

Loniponk has a new design up on Threadless. Have a look and give it a vote. Its a design featuring two 3D flying creatures she made! Have a look on the quick link to the right!

Friday, 4 April 2008

Harvest Moon: and the credits roll....

Three years of hard toil and careful attention to detail has resulted in me being allowed to stay on Hippity Farm. I think I can stay here for the next 200 odd years if I like!

In the last few days (in Real Life that is) Karen has given birth to a beautiful baby boy. He is going to be a star, 'Boy Star' is his name. I don't think Karen liked that name, she made some comment like "how long did you take to think that one up?" when I told her what I had chosen. Karen has really shown me a different side to her personality with our marriage and her pregnancy. I was initially attracted to her for her good looks. Her fanatical love of Fried Chips and Pizza, matched my own desires for these meals! She was a Wine affecionado, but little did I know.... The night before she gave birth, heavily pregnant, she prepared a Star Night dinner for the two of us. The main ingredient of the meal, Wine! She proceeded to drink with gusto and then proclaimed a desire (in a drunken state of mind) to climb to the top of Mother Hill! What an effort that must have been! The morning after the Star night festival, she gave birth to Boy Star, a most joyous day for me. The only sad thing being that I was unable to hold my own child, that task was left entirely up to Karen. It seems it must be quite an onerous task, as every morning Boy Star greets me with a loud WaaaaH and Karen lets me know how she has been suffering from a lack of sleep having been kept awake all night from his crying. She didn't want to wake me and I presume she was ticked off that I managed to sleep through the racket! Oh how I'd love to help and hold my child! I'm sure that he is crying for a father's love! In the afternoons while Karen ponders what to cook, she leaves Boy Star crying in bed. All my attempts to console him are futile as I cannot pick him up! Karen is obviously tired of his crying and has dumped him in the bedroom. Her lack of motherly skills was demonstrated on New Years Eve as well. Confused as to whether the party in the Inn was at 6pm on the 30th or the 1st, I visited the Inn shortly after 6pm on the 30th. There I found Duke, passed out on the floor with a pink face, muttering on about nothing! I managed to somehow take him home to the winery where his wife, Manna, scolded him for his poor behaviour. This man has quite a drinking problem. I'm sure it doesn't help him owning a Winery, where there is an endless supply of Wine. Anyway I digress.... Still thinking that there could be a further party going on at the Inn, I returned there only to then find Karen and Ann screaming at each other. It seemed I had come into the middle of an argument. Karen was drunk and being boisterous and generally disorderly, so I also had to to guide her back home. Heaven knows where Boy Star was while she was getting drunk at the Inn. I presume he must have been crying in bed. I was really shocked! Karen did try to make things up to me by telling me that she far preferred walking with me than drinking alone in the Inn. I had to agree! She went back inside to Boy Star and in a disgusted mood I went up into the Hillside to go fish in the lake for the last time that winter. In the lake there is one place where it does not freeze in winter. It is where lake falls over the Goddess Falls, just in front of the bridge. I caught a medium sized fish and my spirits lifted. As midnight approached, I carried on further up the mountain to join the festivities there. Karen must have been hung over because she didn't make it. I chatted to everyone there and watched the sun rise over a new year in Harvest Moon. This also marked the end of my trial period as determined by Thomas the Mayor. He met me at the farm on the new day. He had good news for me! I had succeeded in making the farm a success, and I had succeeded in making friends with all the villagers, and I could stay. Yippee! We walked to the Square where everyone had gathered to compliment me and tell stories about me and my success. I really felt proud to have made it, and although it was a forgone conclusion that I would succeed, I still reveled in the praise! The credits then rolled, with beautiful pictures of all the characters in this magic game. However, that is not the end, I can now continue to live my life on the farm, and enjoy all the riches I have accumulated.

If you think that I am mad for becoming so involved in this game, I think you should read a blog post from Freyashawk entitled Addictions and the Four Seasons. It sums up my feeling and interactions with this game perfectly.