Wednesday, 7 November 2007

If only....

If only real life was like a Harvest Moon game.....

1. You inherit a farm
2. Time stands still when you are in the supermarket
3. You can survive eating only one meal a day
4. It hardly ever rains in summer
5. Prospective marriage partners are impressed by simple gifts
6. Small spites help you with your daily chores
7. You can build a Hothouse with wood alone
8. If you want you can fish all day long
9. Cows and sheep can conceive without bulls or rams
10. You can harvest honey without getting stung


Freyashawk said...

Ah, you have encapsulated the charm of Harvest Moon here.

Remember Sims2 Castaway? You can harvest honey there, but only if you smoke the beehive first! In Harvest Moon games, the only wild creature that can harm is the infamous 'wild dog'. I think he was allowed to threaten your animals primarily to encourage you to train your own dog to defend HIS farm.

Mountain Gnome said...

Hi Freyashawk

I also like this post a lot, and yes in Castaway, I found the Honey tree, used my torch to smoke them, and then harvested the yummy honey!